13 January 2010

First Dispatch

With the coming of the new year, and a new addition to the flock, it is time to start recording the happenings around The Feather Dorm I now call home. What I call "The Dorm" is actually a three bedroom apartment home inhabited by a male and female human (herein referred to as "Flock Advisors"), four birds, and a bunny rabbit. Since this blog is going to be mainly about the animals, I should introduce them to you now:

Coconut- A mostly white budgie (the typical parakeet you'd find at a pet store by the hundreds) that spends his days twittering away and parroting the sounds of the other birds in the flock. His ability to mimic them is uncanny, but he is yet to pick up any human sounds.

Lennon- The hard to get object of Coconut's affection. Both are males, but only Coconut seems interested in becoming best buds. Lennon is a cockatiel interested only in spending as much time with the Flock Advisors, especially the fairer of the two, as he can. He speaks in their tongue and whistles several songs.

Cher- This little Sun Conure has been a challenge from the beginning. She demands attention constantly, and rewards it with hair preening. Her screeches sound more in tune with Sonny than Cher. This Flock Advisor has become best buds with the little bird, however, and she is equally at home in my shirt battling an electric guitar for sound supremecy or on a midnight Taco Bell run where she can scold the drive-thru employees for forgetting the cinnamon twists. Poor kids.

Sprite- The newest addition to the flock, and our first "big" bird. He's a Yellow Naped Amazon, and thus far the quietest one on the farm. So far, his days consist of eating peanuts, staring out the open window, and shoving the back of his neck through the cage bars for rubs from the Flock Advisors as they pass. We are currently strategizing our training approach with him for his first new behavior...step-up.

Kenobi- Known mainly as Bunny Balls these days because of his cartoonish nature and pride of his, well, you know.He is just about a year old now and has been at The Dorm his whole life. In a house of birds, he is taunted and scolded by them daily for coming too close or jumping too high. Having been raised in a house of women, I feel for the little guy.

So, there it is. The subjects of the coming stories are now somewhat familiar to you. Check back for more, they could come daily or weekly. You just never know what's going down in The Feather Dorm.

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