11 February 2010

Re-Wiring the Nest

^Kenobi on his favorite seat in the house

Due to a moment of human forgetfulness, Bunny-Balls gained a free pass to the flock advisors' boudoir earlier this week. The room is normally off limits to him as it is officially a "non-bunny proofed chamber".
Bunny proofing a room consists of guarding all electrical wires from the ravenous incisors of Kenobi. Rabbits are naturally drawn to the faint hum their ears can detect in all active wires. On top of that most important criteria, a bunny proofed room will also lack important papers, or anything paper like, on the floor or places the little guy is likely to hop on.
Without any of the above precautionary measures taken, the bedroom was a haven of potential destruction for Mr. Bunny. When Ms. Flock Advisor noticed that there had been a breach in the bunny barrier that normally stands in the doorway (just an accordion-style fence), we sprung into action attempting to locate the big-eared little gremlin. I went to flick on the light switch, but it was already on in the dark room. No doubt he had made his way to the nightstand where a lifeless lamp now stood. I caught a slight glimpse of his mottled back side as he shot under the bed, flicking his tail in defiance. Ms. Flock Advisor and I coordinated our efforts to sweep him out and towards the door. As he got to the door, he turned to take one last look at the forbidden domain, and slowly hopped back to his side of the feather dorm.
Luckily the lamp on my nightstand was the only evidence of Kenobi's visit. He had severed the hot wire completely without any evidence of a Christmas Vacation fried kitty effect. Bunny-Balls got his adventure, and I got one more thing put on my to-do list.
Tonight I finally got around to fixing the lamp after two nights of not being able to read in bed. The job didn't take too long, not even an hour, and the lamp is once again providing its pre-Kenobi gleam.

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