14 May 2010

When the Advisors are Away, Bunny Strikes it Rich

Occasionally, the Flock Advisors take a day to themselves. A day all to themselves, that is. Wednesday was such an occasion, but it always seems we just can't resist revolving at least a bit of such an outing around the flock back home. This week, it was Kenobi who benefited from our day of gaming, gawking, and grazing.

The morning started out with two tickets procured by Ms. Flock Advisor for an eco-tour on the waters of St. Augustine. The main attraction of the mini-cruise was to be dolphin viewing, with a possibility of manatees. Meeting the guys with St. Augustine Eco-Tours at the city marina, our boat left the dock at 10:30 a.m. for a leisurely start to our full day of enjoyment. The trip was an enjoyable one with top notch equipment and a sharp and conversational captain. We saw dolphins for basically the entire trip, and had a mother swim her very young calf within 20 feet of our drifting boat. The captain was careful to observe all of the protective measures of the Marine Mammal Protection Act throughout the excursion. St. Augustine Eco-tours offers kayak, powerboat, and sailing tours, so if you find yourself in the area, check them out. Its a great way to get out on the water with ease, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Once our 90 minute journey was over, Ms. Flock Advisor and I set out to walk through old town St. Augustine, find some lunch, meet up with a friend for some ice cream, and listen to some of the great live music the town always has to offer. Amy Hendrickson's voice and picking perfectly complimented (as usual) the mellow saxophoning of her on-stage partner and the pint of Dogfish Head IPA in my hand.

It was the next stop on our itinerary that yielded the take for Bunny-Balls. Derby Owner's Club (a horse racing simulation game) at Dave and Busters is something we take advantage of when we have the time to make the drive into Jacksonville. Of course, Dave and Busters has more to offer than just the elaborate trumpeting behemoth at the back of the midway that tends to hold our attention for 6 hours or more on a good day. The Flock Advisors always find a good crane game (and by good I particularly mean cheap and stuffed with loose piles of small plush animals) to be utterly irresistible. We wound up with four brand new bunny toys in a matter of minutes, and then racked up another four at the end of the night from Ms. Flock Advisor's ticket winnings. She hit several jackpots on some kind of light chasing machine that took Kenobi's toy meter all the way to full.

Not to leave out the rest of the flock, a new post will be coming shortly as Cher's "Wings" behavior is nearly complete. I have also been moving forward with Coconut's clicker training and he is responding very well. Also, for those that have been here before, leave a comment about the new look. I have done a lot to the blog's layout in the last week, you'll notice some ads, and an Amazon.com search bar from time to time. Supplying the Feather Dorm with everything from bird food to ipods has gotten much more affordable since I recognized the boon that is Amazon!


  1. Lovin' the new look, Russ! I also love that profile photo of you and Cher....