15 November 2010

Lennon Plays Scrabble

Scrabble letter-tiles are irresistible chew toys for Lennon. Ms. Flock Advisor and I found this out on Sunday night as we laid the game out on the floor. Lennon does not sit still when left to his own devices. As I combed the box for a refresher on the game's rules, and Ms. Flock Advisor tried to give me the Cliff's Notes, Lennon found the tiles she had set up vulnerably on their stand. He proceeded to pick them up one by one, turn each in his beak before dropping it and going for another. What made this even more entertaining for us was that he was dropping them on the game board, so it appeared he was trying to play. He did not spell out any words but had as much fun as the rest of us.

As we got our game underway, Lennon marched around the room finding new items of interest. In the wild, cockatiels forage on the ground.     Lennon displays this type of behavior around the house as he inspects the carpet for hidden morsels and chewable objects. He attempted to disconnect the Patriots' flogging of Pittsburgh by nibbling through the antenna cable. Ms. Flock Advisor redirected his focus from that noble task, and he went on to separating her iPod ear buds from their cord with his busy beak. I scooped him up before he could complete that job and we let him play with the Scrabble tiles some more. Eventually he found a sizable pretzel crumb and that held his focus until it was time for him to once again perch on Ms. Flock Advisor's shoulder and tend to his feather preening before going to bed.

Kenobi is indeed becoming quite the hefty bunny, and I now have a means of comparison to make that claim. Last week I picked up my mom's bunny, an adult female named Petunia, and found that she was much lighter and less round than Bunny-balls. Perhaps it was the vanilla wafers, but he has been off of those for a while. Ms. Flock Advisor said that his chubbiness is a good thing, and I have to agree that it is endearing. She may need to come back and run around the house with him so he can burn some calories, but the vanilla wafer treats he would receive for cuteness might cancel out his workouts.

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