22 December 2010

Kenobi Gets a Taste of Christmas, and Some Big News

All of the animals have joined us on the west coast with Ms. Flock Advisor for the Christmas season. Five animals roaming around a one-bedroom domicile while we prepare for the big day creates its own set of challenges. A fence-line runs across the living room Australia-style, creating a rabbit free zone where the Christmas tree and presents can exist safe from the tireless nibbler. The birds strike up a noisy little chorus each morning, all four of them chirp and scream to alert us that they have made it through the night. Kenobi has snacked on some Christmas cards, and Lennon left his signature on one in the form of a little dropping. A strategically placed sticker by Ms. Flock Advisor ensured that the recipient would not be offended and the card made it out in the mail with the rest.

Kenobi has found that Christmas provides all sorts of new paper-snacks that are worth a try. He is kind enough to dispose of spent envelopes via his tummy, and found that gift tags were an irresistible treat. The four sheets that I bought were quietly discovered by Kenobi one afternoon. By the time Ms. Flock Advisor and I investigated the munching he had devoured better than half of two sticky sheets. We were concerned about how the adhesive would affect his digestive system, but he has been unfazed. The remaining tags that bear his bite-marks are being used to denote gifts from him.

The animals all have their stockings hung around the house. Lennon has his own and Sprite's hung from his house. Lennon's has the picture of the snowman, which resembles his own snowball shape with he fluffs up all of his white feathers to go to sleep. Sprite climbed down to inspect his, but he will not find his treats in it until Christmas Day.

Sprite did get an enrichment today with a large stocking. I put a Nutri-berry in it for him, and he eventually found it. He was a little timid about the big red sock. I had to encourage him to explore it, but when he discovered it was a source of treats, he welcomed its presence.

Now for the big news: The whole flock will soon be reunited again on the east coast. Ms. Flock Advisor will again be working on the east coast, so after Christmas we will be moving her back over. Lennon and Sprite will once again be shacking up with Cher and Coconut, and Bunny-balls will not have to take his road trips anymore. We are all excited, and look forward to the new year as much as we are looking forward to Christmas!

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