24 March 2010

Coconut: Adventurer at Large, and Sprite's Bath

Over the weekend the flock advisors attended the almost-monthly Parrots in the Park, a gathering of parrot owners who bring their birds out to socialize at a city park. Normally, we take Cher and Lennon to these meets. They are both comfortable enough with us that being surrounded by mostly larger birds (Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, etc.) is not a big deal. This week, however, we felt it was time to take Coconut along for the ride. He was the smallest bird there, and at one point had a Cockatoo at least ten times his size standing on top of his little travel cage.

The travel cage we have for Coconut, like the ones for Cher and Lennon, is a carrier just large enough for him to turn around in, but small enough that he would be fairly safe in the event of a minor car accident or sudden drop (not much space to get thrown around inside). The routine is usually to transport Cher and Lennon in their travel cages, and then let them out once we get to the park where they can hang out with us the same as they do at home.

This week we did not have Cher and Lennon's wings clipped, so to avoid any sort of [insert species name here] Hawk carnage the plan was to leave them in their carriers for the duration of the event. Because they would be in their carriers, we though it would be a good opportunity for Coconut to go with us as well because he would feel comfortable inside of his carrier alongside Cher and Lennon inside theirs.

When we showed up and set our caged birds on a picnic table under the pavilion, it looked as if we had brought little snack packs for the large parrots already there. The purpose of these meets is to let the birds socialize with people they don't normally see, and birds they don't see on a day-to-day basis. There are usually at least half a dozen Moluccan Cockatoos, a few Goffin's Cockatoos, some Macaws, and a couple of Eclectus parrots that hop and climb from shoulder to shoulder and across the picnic tables at their own wills. It is a great chance for the birds to really do what they want, but when you are a parakeet the size of a Macaw's foot you'd probably prefer some order to all the shenanigans.

While the flock advisors were, quite literally, being walked on by a Hahn's Macaw and a Moluccan Cockatoo, another Moluccan decided to investigate the caged little Coconut. The bird stepped on top of C-nut's carrier and tried to work the door latch with his foot. Coconut let out his harsh alarm cry, but did not manage to bite the bird's feet like does to Cher when she pesters him at home. Being close at hand, we managed to avert disaster by shifting the wandering Cockatoo to another human. Coconut got his adventure though, and I think he now believes that when we leave the house each day, we are going into a world full of marauding Cockatoos.

Later that same day, Sprite got a bath in our living room. Our friend Meghan got some great video and was kind enough to edit it into an entertaining little piece. Press play, and enjoy!

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