19 March 2010

Springtime for Sprite... and the rest of 'em

The days are getting longer, and that means that spring has all but sprung around the Feather Dorm. Into the unknown we now go with Sprite.

Sprite has been a very calm bird since we have known him. He was by far the most mellow of the bunch at the pet store and is generally the quietest around the Feather Dorm. The warnings have poured in, however, about the change we can expect come spring time: a time of hormonal rush, particular in the males of the species.

We've heard to expect everything from screaming, to biting, to exaggerated displays of dominance. Basically, all of the undesirables of parrot ownership. An excessively loud amazon could easily draw complaints from neighbors, and a bite from a bird Sprite's size would ruin one's day (to put it lightly).

We are definitely hearing our newest addition become more vocal, and it is hard to determine if it's just his comfort level or the beginnings of a long spring season. The majority of his vocals are still made up of "hello," hi," and "Sprite," along with some human mumbles. Every afternoon, though, I notice that he lets loose a series of squawks at about the time Ms. Flock Advisor normally makes her entrance. My suspicion is that there is more than coincidence at play, as Ms. Flock Advisor's is the voice most often parroted by Sprite. I encourage his speaking in the feminine voice by imitating it myself (the neighbors must think I'm nuts). I hope he stays attached to her voice, and dread the thought of him developing a crush on Cher (screams coming from both ends of the place would drive me nuts!)

As for the other little tweeters, they are entering their springtime season as well. Cher is on edge and sounds the alarm whenever she sees anything out the window. Lennon is a bit moody and whines quite a bit. He is pretty set on getting his way ("Scratch me. No! not there. On my head, No! not like that! Whhaaaaa!") <----yes, that is exactly what it's like.

Kenobi is twitterpated by anyone who walks through the front door. We had friends over for St. Patrick's Day and the little bunny was hopping through legs, and leading off chases all night. He is eating a lot of our hair, which we think is an act of endearment. One must be careful not to fall asleep on the couch while the bunny is out unsupervised. The Flock Advisors have been looking out for each other in this regard with success, so far.

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